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Impeccable Fit. Immaculate Quality. Every Time.

Generations of Experience

707 founder Chandru Baxani grew up in a family of tailors in India—his mother was a seamstress and taught him the trade. However, he always dreamed of moving to the United States. He wrote letters to Jackie Kennedy as a child, and when the Vietnam War rolled around, he knew that was his chance. Chandru tailored uniforms for American GI’s in South Vietnam for 4 years before he crossed the ocean in 1969.

Create Imaculate Garments

3 Steps
Set an appointment to get fitted

Our full body measurements allows us to create a pattern that will give you an impeccable fit.

Fabric Selection and Design

Our stylist will guide you through the fabric selection and design process. Together, we will co-create an exclusive garment that will suit your personality.


Once your garment is ready. We will set up a time for you to try on your clothing and make any final adjustments if needed.

What Our Clients Say

Dr. Bo Vaughan

Purchasing a suit is no small decision and 707 never takes that for granted. Every step of the process is met with a keen attention-to-detail and impeccable professionalism. From the beginning to the end, 707 makes the process of design unforgettable.

Dr. Anish Shah

Custom clothing is an expression of your personality. You are the brand and the brand must reflect your beliefs. The art of understanding your client and their voice by creating custom clothing requires raw talent, skill, and vision. 707 Fine Clothing is the epitome of this craft. They took a small piece of wool fabric, heard who I am then amplified and created a suit and a style with a message. Thank you 707!

Matt Danielson

My wife and I have a running joke that whenever I am wearing anything from 707 I need to work extra time into my day to respond to compliments from strangers. I regularly get stopped going into an elevator, or walking across a parking lot, or even at the grocery store, by people who want to tell my how much they like what I am wearing, and ask me where I bought it. 707 is far and away the finest clothing store that I have ever come across. However, it is not just the clothes that keeps me coming back to 707. It is the people. Dayal, Justin, David and the entire staff makes every visit a special and welcoming experience. They take the time to get to know you, and use their wealth of knowledge to create something that was made just for you, with only you in mind. Going to 707 is an incredible experience from beginning to end. It is truly one of Richmond's gems.

Our mission is to foster life long relationships with the world through the art of fashion